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Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: ☣️🦠☣️🦠 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Thread 🦠☣️🦠☣️

With the coronovirus (aka COVID-19) spreading worldwide, there is a level of fear and misinformation that is spreading. The coronavirus is primarily dangerous to the elderly and the immunocompromised. For the young & healthy, you are very unlikely to die from it, but may contract it, spread it to...

pogue‎, 03-05-2020 12:09 AM
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4,922 175,436

Sticky Thread Sticky: [SRS] Depression Discussion and Support Thread Part III

Depression Discussion and Support Thread Part III Express yourself, vent out your frustrations, support each other, or ask for help. Respect others' feelings. If you are a feeling depressed, lonely, frustrated, suicidal, anxious, overwhelmed, or stressed, let it out here. Previous...

2RDEYE‎, 09-12-2017 06:50 AM
239 Pages
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7,146 464,145

Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: 💊💉💊 Warning About Self Medicating Against Coronavirus 💊💉💊

I really hate to make yet another post about Coronavirus, but since President Trump had mentioned that the anti-malaria drug chloroquine can potentially treat the coronavirus, some people have been self medicating with it without realizing the potentially deadly consequences. For one,...

pogue‎, 03-24-2020 06:49 AM
2 Pages
1 2
46 4,377

Sticky Thread Sticky: Guitar Megathread II: Unleash the picking fury!!!

To start off the new thread, what’s the technique that’s always given you trouble? For me (and thus the thread title), it’s been sweep picking. There’s just something about it that I can’t get quite right. I can do a chit impression, but I know I’m frauding

cjmadscientist‎, 03-01-2020 01:00 PM
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74 10,841

Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: The OFFICIAL Del Ray Misfits / Jason Genova Thread - The Last Piss

Hello everyone. ForumAlpha has allowed me to make an official del ray misfits / Genova thread on the condition that it is the only thread. do not post any related content outside of this thread as you will be banned. feel free to post related videos, follow the rules, stay on topic and keep it...

SPARTAAAAA‎, 05-24-2017 04:34 AM
136 Pages
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4,058 861,596

Thumbs up Sticky Thread Sticky: PSA: Freeze your credit reports (it's free)

There are three major credit bureaus (and a 3rd one that is not as big), Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. After the Equifax Data Breach that affected everyone in the US, there is a high possibility many SSN's and other sensitive information about you was leaked. The best security measure you...

pogue‎, 03-05-2020 12:43 PM
19 7,336

Thumbs up Sticky Thread Sticky: 💪🏋️💪 OFFICIAL: How to Work Out at Home Without Weights Discussion 💪🏋️💪

I've seen a lot of douchy people in here saying "lol if you don't have a home gym" and TONS of other threads asking what's the best way to workout at home without weights. So, I've included some helpful videos, images and guides. I'm going to go ask the powerlifters and workout gurus here to come...

pogue‎, 03-24-2020 08:47 AM
2 Pages
1 2
34 3,265

Post Sticky Thread Sticky: 💻 Staying Safe from the Coronavirus Online 💻

No, you can't transmit coronavirus digitally, however, there has been an uptick in phishing emails, online scams, and fraudulent supplements being sold to try and con an unsuspecting and frightened public into falling for this. Here are a few helpful tips I got from my anti-virus company, along...

pogue‎, 03-20-2020 12:45 PM
11 3,103

Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 08:12 AM
05-19-2014, 08:12 AM Go to last post
0 169,682

why is everything made where labor is cheap ?

take for example apple, all their products are assembled outside of USA, Nike also and many other brands. you'll try to answer yeah because it's cheaper for the consumer, better ĥave an iphone for 1000$ than 10000$ right ? now my question is how did we come to this that if the iphone was made...

kinzu1996‎, Today 06:58 PM
26 236

Here in Mexico there is a Tinder-like app, dont know if its in the US too but...

Basically hot/pretty girls are free to enter, they only have to go trough a filter and verify their account. For a man to be there you have to be some kind of celebrity, or pay high $$$, be a football player, athlete or have absolutely top tier looks. In short, be top 1% of men. Basically...

Ken-O‎, Today 02:15 PM
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77 1,460

How much are you paying for internet + cable? (pic)

75 dl 15 up internet.

zhengterry‎, Today 07:22 PM
18 215

Predict the outcomes of Covid

Mention whatever you want. Some ideas are - foreign policy, 2020 election, racial, work, economy, conflicts, etc...

anonkunbrah‎, Today 07:44 PM
22 318

I think the whole idea of men aging much better than women is mostly nonsense

We just don't pay attention to wrinkles in men I see lots and lots of old guys with thin skin and wrinkles all over. 1 difference I would say is women tend to get a lot of wrinkles around the mouth - men tend to get a lot of wrinkles around the forehead. Male skin in the lower jaw seems to be...

RTL188‎, Today 10:14 AM
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155 2,970

How are you guys making money now with everything shut down?

I trade from home

SimplyFlacid‎, Today 02:53 PM
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Today, 08:35 PM Go to last post
62 1,224

I'm sorry misc, but If you bang a trap, you are a HOMO!

Thats a man, phaggot. Deal with it.

GODself‎, 03-25-2020 05:22 PM
29 Pages
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868 18,974

Getting it at the park

How many of you guys are still trying to work out in spite of gym closures. I just did an upper body session a few hours ago Here are some shots

nnodcvcker‎, Today 08:11 PM
Today, 08:34 PM Go to last post
6 62

What Should I do? (Srs) (Pic)

hmmm she superliked me

Nicklol‎, Today 12:24 AM
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1 2
53 1,201

US Social Distancing Extended Through April 30

Have to wait and see if more extensions follow. Source: White House Briefing Live Now

katya422‎, Today 03:22 PM
5 Pages
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146 4,046

Wink Rate my pancake stack/10

Haven’t made pancakes in so long, figured I’d do something different... and at night Hungry Jack mix with white chocolate/semi-sweet chips, topped with Blue Bell Moo-llennium Crunch ice cream. Also added some white chocolate Reese’s on the side. Mighty tasty my boy!

BowlingWizard‎, Today 05:24 PM
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Today, 08:34 PM Go to last post
46 514

who else is eating alot of canned stuff these days?

been eating alot of spam. what i do is i boil the spam to get rid of the salt and then fry . i have like 10 cans stocked up lol so far

babolinnk‎, Today 07:52 PM
13 154

Why can straight woman watch lesbian porn and still be straight? (Srs)

Why is it considered normal for woman to watch lesbian porn and she still be considered straight, but if a dude watches gay porn he is considered gay? Inb4 op wants to watch gay porn Someone explain this to me

multibrah24‎, Today 05:34 PM
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31 552

How big/strong were you as a 15-16 year old vs now?

I want to get some data, as I coach now and feel like many of the kids nowadays are smaller/softer than previous generations, however I know every generation says this. Personally I was benching about 275,powercleaning near 300 and squatting around 400 as a 16 year old at around 225-230. At my...

brahskimoseph‎, Today 06:47 PM
14 191

Police raid a 1 year old's birthday party

Lol at these idiots using a 1 year old's birthday to get drunk and party. Do these clowns think they are special and can avoid the law against social gatherings? I don't think so. jT3F8Lo2cL0

EnochsProphecy‎, Today 08:21 PM
Today, 08:33 PM Go to last post
3 51

Pick a sloot.

You can only pick one. They're all DTF and ready. No dating, small talk, bullchit. All you have to do is pick one and smash. I pick middle left.

multiplemiggs‎, Today 08:23 PM
4 70

Srs thread: how you coping?

I know that I dick around a lot on here, but I do have some empathy for you phagocytes How’s your personal situation, you gonna be OK through these strange times brahs / brahettes? If we don’t die, we are fine in the rabbit hutch with virtually guaranteed employment even working from home and...

Rabbitjb‎, 03-24-2020 01:18 AM
8 Pages
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Today, 08:32 PM Go to last post
228 5,778
9 135

Thumbs up For those of us who experienced the 1990's...

how much do you miss them now compared to how sucky the world has gotten, especially in the past few months?

GMiscer‎, Yesterday 08:38 PM
5 Pages
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Today, 08:30 PM Go to last post
124 2,892

Misc Firearms Crew LXXVI: Headshots for Jesus

Rule 1: Don't come in here to troll or bash firearms owners. You will be swiftly negged. Rule 2: Don't be afraid to ask questions, but do a little research on your own first. Semi-intelligent questions are welcome. Rule 3: Do simply not ask what gun you should buy for concealed carry. That's very...

Lefticle‎, 12-31-2019 07:57 AM
172 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 172
5,157 96,138

Has anyone accomplished anything during this bull**** quarantine?

I made my gauges in my ears bigger and learned how many pushups you can bang out in a day and how boring it is

havoc00‎, Today 03:57 PM
2 Pages
1 2
48 736

Unhappy NY Doctor Leaks Footage of Hospital(VID)(WTF)

bE68xVXf8Kw god help us all.

jiujitsubro‎, Today 01:14 PM
4 Pages
1 2 3 4
101 3,817

Paul "Cuckservative" Joseph Watson Calls PrinceHarry the Once Epitome of Manliness...

R7Jv43MlGd4 03:50 Harry was never considered manly PJW you phaggot. Dude was always a reject even at a young age - they were calling him Harry Pothead for a while due to being a drug smoking piece of shytt.

Evil_D‎, Today 07:56 PM
Today, 08:28 PM Go to last post
4 134

Live The Rest Of Your Life 30 Years In The Past, Or 30 Years In the Future?

Society, technology, medicine, etc all stay the same indefinitely whichever timeline you choose. You continue your life the age you are now and age normally. Can not predict future events and can not use time machine. Which timeline do you choose?

JeepBruh‎, Today 08:02 PM
7 80

My landlord can’t file for eviction until June. (Srs)

Finally figured it all out brahs I will lead him on all April so he gives me the 30 day notice to terminate my month to month tenancy in May. By June he can actually file to have me evicted. I’m in Chicago and evictions are suspended now. He will have to deal with such a huge backlog since...

SimplyFlacid‎, Today 12:42 PM
3 Pages
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82 1,432

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