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Forum: Misc.

The legendary Misc. section! Participate at your own risk, some content NSFW. U Aware?

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  1. Section for discussing video games and tech!

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  2. Discuss pro and amateur sports and teams.

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  3. Discuss the WWE with other fans from around the world!

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  4. Discuss your favorite fighters or your own MMA experience.

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  5. Discuss all things with an engine here!

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  6. Discuss these issues in their own special area!

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  7. What type of music do you love... or hate? What are your favorite bands up to?

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  8. For discussing relationships, dealing with the sex of your preference, and similar topics. NO PORN!

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Sticky Thread Sticky: Misc King and Queen of the Squat Competition(Mod Reps+Supps)

That's right boys and girls, it is time for another heavy as hell competition and this time it is the king of all exercises. This is a RAW ONE REP MAX competition and it officially starts the second I open this thread for business and will end December 14th, 2014, at Midnight, Eastern Time Zone. I...

400Lb Gorilla‎, 09-29-2014 06:22 PM
37 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 37
1,100 86,435

Sticky Thread Sticky: ***Official 2015 Tour de Cure Reps for Donations***

Official 2015 Tour de Cure Reps for Donations Thread Once again the time has come to fund raise for the 2015 Tour de Cure Lake Nona event. This year I will be riding a mountain bike in the event for 25 miles. Like past years I will have a list of rep volunteers that will rep those that...

punksurfer024‎, 07-12-2014 03:06 PM
16 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 16
458 83,025

Sticky Thread Sticky: Please Vote On My Sister's Charity, Between Friends. Will Rep (Rep Pool)

My older sister is severely disabled and there's a great local organization the provides activities for kids and adults with disabilities called Between Friends. They plan and organize stuff like summer camps, group activities and other great things for the awesome kids and adults that go there. ...

Allfirst34‎, 11-15-2014 10:31 AM
7 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 7
190 16,230

Sticky Thread Sticky: ASK THE (formerly) FATTEST MAN ON THE MISC ANYTHING (srs) (pics) pt. 3

Part 1: Part 2: Cliffs of peace: In the beginning - OP was fat as hell, 653lbs. (original picture) - OP had large tumor the size of a swollen...

Wetbreasts‎, 03-06-2014 02:44 PM
162 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 162
4,852 646,378

Sticky Thread Sticky: Unofficial Misc Android App

This is the official thread for the unofficial misc app I created. You can find it on the Google Play Store at: or by searching the apps for "deceus" or "MISC Platinum". My previous app had almost 2000 downloads but it is...

Deceus‎, 11-13-2014 11:23 AM
4 Pages
1 2 3 4
Yesterday, 07:50 PM Go to last post
111 14,288

Sticky Thread Sticky: Football Picks....... Mod Rep To The Winner Each Week

This is the game. NFL Football..... Each week Miscers get to choose who wins each game. You have to pick the winners for ALL the games for that week and you will get a mod rep from me :D Ok starting week two we will use Yahoo Pickem' Group Name BBMiscers

Trinity1216‎, 08-26-2014 05:37 PM
40 Pages
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Yesterday, 07:34 PM Go to last post
1,178 127,166

Sticky Thread Sticky: Forum Buddy – Browser Extension: Notifications for when you are quoted in a post!

Forum Buddy Version: 1.2.1 Link: ------------------------------------------------------------------ This thread has been approved by Moderator ForumSentinel. Forum Buddy was not created by

nilekyle‎, 08-01-2014 08:22 PM
49 Pages
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Yesterday, 08:53 AM Go to last post
1,456 534,280

Sticky Thread Sticky: Pancreatic Cancer Charity 2014!!

Hey guys, it's that time of year again! Last year, with the misc I was able to raise $1400 and I'm hoping we can do more this year! Basically, the same story as last year. The game this year is on November 22nd this year in Rockford before the IceHogs game. Every penny raised through this page...

Rexy‎, 11-01-2014 10:41 AM
2 Pages
1 2
11-19-2014, 08:58 PM Go to last post
59 8,138

Cool Sticky Thread Sticky: ***The Official Movember Thread*** (BB Misc Team) (Reps)

HSbEL4qHH1o "Movember is the global men’s health charity where men grow and women support the moustache during November. Participation begins once you sign up and become part of the official movement to change the face of men’s health. Movember is about bringing back the moustache (Mo),...

vanert‎, 11-01-2014 09:27 AM
3 Pages
1 2 3
11-18-2014, 05:25 AM Go to last post
86 10,909

Arrow Sticky Thread Sticky: General Forum Rules

Welcome to the Forums It is our hope that the members of the forums will help each other in providing motivation and information to those looking to reach their fitness goals. To protect our members and the forums, the following rules are effective in all sections. Please take...

ForumSentinel‎, 05-19-2014 09:12 AM
05-19-2014, 09:12 AM Go to last post
0 23,022

Poll Poll: If given the opportunity, who would you train with?

You have 1 year to reach your physique goal and you are presented an opportunity to train with either of these who would you choose? Arnold Schwarzenegger

FadedBrah‎, Today 06:12 AM
13 309

how do people even play video games?

do they lack the drive of making more money to live a much better life in the future? i wake up, work, hit the gym, work, do some cardio, work and sleep. i have a job in the internet which is really easy but pays really well. when i'm done with that, i do more things like outsourcing and...

gaintraingain‎, Today 07:14 AM
4 5

srs. Why do people rake leaves?

I hope it's not to keep the yard "clean". Colorful leaves look better than a dead patchy lawn, any day. I seem to always see old people raking leaves. must be a generation thing

AniMaLizTik‎, Yesterday 07:52 PM
2 Pages
1 2
Today, 07:17 AM Go to last post
41 773

Talking Misc, it's my 20th birthday and all I want..

Is to genuinely compliment as much phaggots ITT as possible. Feeling up for a challenge here, so bring it on. Random reps

ClarkCheekyKent‎, Today 05:19 AM
17 124

Got back from a date with the most messed up mega sloot ever, AMA (long, no cliffs)

No cliffs. Read through it and feel my pain. Fuark. Just got home like 45 minutes ago. I've met some pretty crazy chicks in my life, but she takes the cake. I'm legit afraid she's going to try and pull something on me and am drinking myself to sleep as we speak to deal with the anxiety. Here's the...

LordBroski‎, Today 04:54 AM
3 Pages
1 2 3
72 2,384

Have I skewed my chances with the opposite sex?

Sorry if I cover points that have been covered by previous topics. For reference, I didn't start lifting for body image issues. I don't lift for girls. I stopped lifting for 2-3 years and never went below 185 lbs. See profile pic to make educated comments. My face may as well not even be...

CharlieTraplin‎, Today 07:13 AM
Today, 07:16 AM Go to last post
2 3

5 awesome benefits of having a home gym

Home gym ftw lol!!!

kidkurious‎, Yesterday 08:15 AM
2 Pages
1 2
38 1,310

Smile I make PROTEIN Recipes on YouTube if anyone cares

Been a long time lurker (nocreep) and figured I'd post some of my recipes here. I said in another post that I make each of these recipes with a ton of various ingredients and also use casein/soy/egg/whey etc in each of them to make sure they are as versatile as possible. We all know how dry some...

DHFTNS‎, 03-02-2013 04:24 PM
27 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 27
Today, 07:16 AM Go to last post
808 51,018

Experiment: can misc guide me to getting laid tonight? (blackjesus gtfih)

Alright I wanna see the powers of the misc. I will message (via facebook) a random sloot off of my facebook to see if I can get laid - STRICTLY by using advice/lines from the misc. Its a Saturday night here in Aus, I'm a little bit drunk so I'm in a idgaf mood. The girl will be someone I've met...

Cloudburn‎, Today 06:25 AM
14 213

Poll Poll: Obama grants amnesty to millions of illegals Didn't even know presidents were allowed to bypass congress.

Virus4762‎, Today 05:55 AM
2 Pages
1 2
43 596

•OFFICIAL> ••Verenigde Misc Broeders •• Netherlands represent. [P2]

Broeders! The Netherlands, Land of the aesthetic people. • Part 1: • With our first thread over 100k views, 120 pages and 6000 posts,

ImSuperSerial‎, 10-23-2013 05:25 AM
244 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 244
Today, 07:16 AM Go to last post
7,311 361,757

Thumbs up Top 10 Movie Milfs


likemikes‎, Today 07:15 AM
Today, 07:15 AM Go to last post
0 1

$30K sitting in savings. wut do

I want to use the money to buy my own fully equipped home gym, but won't be buying a house for another few years. Misc, whats the best way to maximize my finance gainz until I need the money in ~2019? thanks

AniMaLizTik‎, Today 07:15 AM
0 1

Angry How many of you bros have skin problems? How do you deal with them?

I am struggling with acne and backnee recently. I never had perfect complexion but what happens to me recently is just ridiculous. I take a lot of care about my hygiene and skin, specially on face. I use special gel to clean my face (like 3 times a day minimum) I put on coconut oil creme on my face...

DiccPhucc‎, Today 06:54 AM
Today, 07:15 AM Go to last post
12 105

Misc Firearms Crew XLI: $10 heads of lettuce for Black Friday? Thanks Obama.

THREAD RULES: Rule 1: Don't come in here to troll or bash firearms owners. You will be swiftly negged. Rule 2: Don't be afraid to ask questions, but do a little research on your own first. Questions are welcome. Rule 3: Do simply not ask what gun you should buy for concealed carry. This question...

GingerBrah84‎, Yesterday 09:06 PM
4 Pages
1 2 3 4
Today, 07:15 AM Go to last post
91 1,004

Spring Cutters Crew Vol. 29: 3cc Cacao Powder Daily

Remember to eat your cacao brah's Some of the thread's successes:

SouthDakotaBrah‎, 11-16-2014 05:22 PM
49 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 49
Today, 07:15 AM Go to last post
1,465 40,844

Poll Poll: Musashino Saru Crew Iku Hādo - The OFFICIAL Anime/Manga Discussion Thread Part 17

Version 17.0 Click Here to view the full collage image! RULE

Bleachway‎, 10-05-2014 07:43 PM
158 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 158
Today, 07:14 AM Go to last post
4,734 415,219

Thumbs up Calling out all miscers who are "Working" right now V11: Is Pimping Easy Edition

please read all versions before entering/posting, neg simple maxx as a new member, skinny is a fraud V1: V2: V3: V4:...

stone_free10‎, 11-17-2014 08:09 AM
89 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 89
2,662 34,329

Arrow uk brahs who vote ukip, lets have an intelligent discussion.

Some gibberish from their website (I can't bring myself to call them 'policies'). Discrimination against people who are not white British ('local grandparents')? Discrimination against job applicants with foreign names? 'Putting Britain First' - is that not where Britain First's and BNP (hardcore...

shook11‎, Yesterday 04:43 AM
5 Pages
1 2 3 4 5
121 2,924

is it easier to pull chicks at bars or clubs? (srs)

i've heard mixed opinions on this. some say bars are hands down better than clubs and i've also heard others say clubs are better if you're good looking what are your guys thoughts on this?

eggwhiteguy‎, Today 04:44 AM
Today, 07:14 AM Go to last post
13 597

Red face miscer wanted for strange sex assault on streets of toronto

NewsToronto ADVERTISEMENT Police seek suspect who allegedly licked woman's foot in Richmond Hill sex assault Investigators believe same person responsible for string of similiar incidents. NewsYork Regional Police are asking for the public's help identifying a man suspected of carrying out...

CLEAN_SET_OF_10‎, Today 06:54 AM
Today, 07:13 AM Go to last post
9 118

Misc Cologne Crew Pt. XIII: Green Irish Tweed Indeed

ITT: We discuss our favorite colognes, what gets the most compliments, what we have, what we want to get, etc. Everything cologne! Everyone is welcome to participate, from newbies, to niche masters. Cologne Crew History Part 1: Part...

Coolcicada‎, 06-25-2014 06:10 PM
252 Pages
1 2 3 4 5 ... 252
Today, 07:13 AM Go to last post
7,541 383,783

Depressed... how do you deal with a death

my grams died last week completely unexpected... like i talked to her the day earlier and was saying how i need to bring her some cookied my gf baked... my family is really small and we are all very close... saw my grams atleast 2x a week and in the summer nearly everyday b/c she would come to...

PeZzYy‎, Today 06:19 AM
8 108

Lightbulb if you can't get hard smashing with a condom you are gay

Assuming you are a dude and trying to smash a female but your dink gets soft. I always get hard and bust in 4 mins with a condom. Too straight and too horndog status otherwise.

Hanzi83‎, Yesterday 09:53 PM
Today, 07:12 AM Go to last post
13 293
Today, 07:12 AM Go to last post
2 88

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