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    Gym Idiot Taxonomist

    Do you know what bodybuilding truly needs?

    Someone to finally beat Ronnie Coleman so the Olympia is a contest again? No, Jay Cutler took care of that.

    A Mr. Olympia that is, gasp, aesthetic? No, Victor Martinez or Dexter Jackson will eventually get around to that.

    The one thing bodybuilding doesn’t have and has never had before is a taxonomist. Most of you have worked out at many gyms and have noticed that wherever you go, you will commonly find people doing stupid and annoying things. The harmless ones merely leave you scratching your head, but some of them get in your way and make it harder for you to train. Because it is important to raise awareness, I have traveled to many gyms, observed the characters that commonly appear, and have described them in the file that I have attached to this post. I have also included links to descriptions by amateur taxonomists.

    Has anyone encountered any characters not on these lists? I am curious as to what kind of exotic gym idiots might live in areas of the world I have never traveled to.
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    I love to train. Medical school is just this little thing I'm doing on the side.
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