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    HITers. Genetic Giants?

    I've made a post in the past regarding this issue and was inclined to go into greater detail here. The huge argument between HIT methods versus volume methods of training, as to which one is more effective, is causing a virtual war online and in bodybuilding circles all around the world. If I could be stereotypical for a moment, most HITers I've talked to all recite the same literary motto, "HIT's good for the normal guy/girl." Translating into, HIT being for people who are genetically inferior than people who gain on higher volume methods. Indeed, most books I've read, put out by reputable authors I might add, state that most of the general population just aren't gifted enough to succeed with conventional weight training standards. By "conventional," I mean higher volume. So these authors/experts and I'm not saying that with the slightest bit of sarcasm, advocate a more abbreviated form of resistance training. I'm not about to go into the details of HIT and abbreviated training as I am sure that almost everybody here is comfortable with it's principles, though a FULL explanation of all the parameters related to basic HIT is beyond the scope of this article. For the purpose of this article, I'll refer to HIT training as being at one end of the resistance training spectrum and volume training being at the other end.

    So, when our newbie becomes interested in following an abbreviated routine, he/she either researches it to the fullest, or goes head first into applying it's training principles in the gym. Some of these trainees use HIT as an excuse to be lazy, they go to the gym twice a week and do single sets for each muscle group but with submaximal effort, and some will train this way for a really long time wondering why they aren't seeing ANY results. For these people, quitting may follow, along with a potential unrealization of athletic ability and success. But what about the people who DO succeed with HIT? Being the main focus of this article, there are many out there who have good success and sometimes even great success using HIT methods! Some posess AMAZING physiques capable of moving IMMENSE poundages from point A to B. Yet still, they seem to carry the tags labeled, "Hardgainer, Genetically Normal, Genetically INFERIOR?" Genetically Inferior? Nonsense!! It is my opinion that the true Genetic Freaks out there ARE the ones who gain on super high volume training, but are also the ones who gain on abbreviated, HIT style training.

    Have you ever seen a true HIT trainer, besides the actual amount of volume being performed, the effort exerted by some of these athletes is amazing to say the least. These athletes at the very end of this spectrum, can perform as little as one workout, consisting of one set per muscle group, done once a week! And they can see results.
    Some of these "genetically inferior" subjects produce more intensity in one set, than I and many others produce in 6 or more! After much thought, I just don't see any inferiority there, in fact, I think labelling these people as inferior is misleading and underrating. Just as there are so many failures who have put their faith in conventional training, many others have succumbed to High Intensive Training, in my opinion,who are also not genetically SUPERIOR enought to gain on HIT. With this in mind, I feel the answer for the everyday Joe resides at the middle of the spectrum, some may need to move to the left a little and some may need to move to the right. However, I don't think I'll be sympathizing for those giants I see following HIT protocol any more.

    It was not my intent to argue for HIT or against volume or what have you. It was my intent to argue that for some reason I feel that successful HIT athletes should not be given the usual misleading labels they seemed to have acquired over the years. In actuality, HIT itself is just as complicated as other forms of training, but if it works for you, don't go around feeling like you're any less of an athlete, because in my opinion, you probably aren't. Instead be thankful for the gifts and traits that allow you to be successful.
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