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    Originally Posted by xenon2000 View Post
    Sounds exactly like what happened to me. I hope you heal faster than 4 week too... I kept going to the gym, but the first two weeks I had to switch to cardio on the recumbent bike because jogging was uncomfortable. And then I also did some weight as was comfortable. by the 3rd week I was able to do most weights in some way. And this week I have gone back to full force at the 3.5 week mark of my injury.

    Good luck on a speedy recovery. It's hard to break up your progress by 3-4 weeks for healing.
    I'm wanting to say thanks for your post. Sounds very similar to my experience, it's been 1 week for me, doing my best to keep up the weights and training program, but struggling with the pain. Can't jog, ab work is almost impossible, leg press out of the question.

    In fact, almost every exercise I do seems to cause pain to this area (right side under lower rib cage) so it's been interesting to see how all the muscles combine in some way to support each other.

    So I'm going to focus on cardio and upper body for now, and keep up a very light program for legs and abs until recovery. I can also relate to having low core strength so will bring that more into focus as well. My Dr. confirmed no broken ribs etc, purely muscle related and not much to do except wait and take it easy was the advice.

    Still pumped, with a slow leak on the right side !!
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