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    Looking For More Specific Answers To General Questions

    Ok, I had started working out for about a month, then I broke my finger, and continued working out with it broken for 2 weeks then I fractured my hip. (both football injuries) That kept me out of the gym for quite a while and as I was getting better I was in a car accident and started having lower back problems. So I haven't worked out or dieted in a several months. I'm looking at buying a set of free weights a nice weight bench (within a few days). I didn't like the whole gym atmosphere.

    Measurements: Picture Attatched
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 140-145
    Body Fat %: 6-7% (measured by nutritionist with electronic calipers several months ago)
    Chest: 37"
    Neck: 15"
    Biceps: 12"
    Forearms: 11"
    Waist: 31"
    Hips: 37"
    Thighs: 22"
    Calves: 14"
    BMI: 20.2

    So, my first question is, if I am going to be working out at home (only have a spotter when my mom or friends are over) what would be the best set of equipment to have? As in, what type of bench/s do I need. I am looking to put on muscle and get in better shape for baseball/football/track. This seemed like the best buy I've found ( I was just gonna get my weights from a pawn shop or something as money is a major issue.

    #2. When I am doing a crunch my abs appear to be uneven(top left side is small and bottom right side is small and the dont sit flush with each other.) It doesn't appear to be this way when I am just stnding and flexing. I know uneven abs cannot be corrected as the abdominals are only one muscle with 4 tendons. Do you believe this uneveness is due to the crunch position or are my abs uneven just not defined enough to notice yet?

    #3. I could find it easily, but since I am writing this anyways, where can I find good free weight guides that describe exercises, what they work, and images on how to do them?

    Any other advice welcome and thanks in advanced.

    BTW, the lines on my stomach are from sitting on my ass with bad posture .
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