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    You're all forgetting the biggest hurdle with supplements in Australia. The TGA. The majority of the supplements for sale on are not approved in Australia by the TGA, nor listed on the Therapeutic Goods Register, a process which is quite expensive and has to be done for each individual product to ensure it meets Australian standards. Which is why we all order them for personal use from overseas!!!

    So if they were to open up a store in Australia, they would either have to pay a substantial amount of money to register/get listed all the products that aren't currently on it (knowing that many will probably get knocked back) OR not bother about trying to get listed any new products, and just carry the same old products already listed, that every other retailer in Australia carries. In which case they aren't going to grab a massive piece of the Australian market, and would probably end up selling protein for about the same amount as we can already get it here locally!!!
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    well what's mentioned above clearly is a form of protection for the local supp industry. that's why you see alot of local brands with very-hard-to-lift lids with slightly lower prices dominating most of the stores. personally, i've been taking them. but just a question, how reliable do you guys think these brands actually are?

    another question: did most of the stuff you guys ordered from overseas reach safely? if yes, i thought i'd start doing that again. i previously ordered 2 bags of ON serious mass + creatine. only the creatine got through. the 2 bags had to be sent to my relatives in another country coz they had 'other egg contents'.

    if you could plan 2-3 months ahead of your supp needs, there are some sites that offer surface shipping. yes, it takes up to 2 months, but it's much cheaper.

    any answer to the above two questions would be very much appreciated

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