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Thread: Creme Brulee

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    Creme Brulee

    Simply put, Creme Brulee is french for "burnt cream." The primary ingredients in this dish is heavy cream and eggs, both which have low carb values and high in fat. Sweeting and flavoring agents are also added. This might be a bit excessive just to make something to eat, but putting it out here anyways for anyone whos interested

    The basic recipe for vanilla:
    1.2L heavy(35%) Cream
    5 whole eggs (large)
    5 egg yolks (from same large eggs)
    1.5 tbsp splenda (adjust to taste)
    {1 whole vanilla bean, or 2-3 tbsp vanilla extract} Replace with any flavoring ingredient that will fit your diet

    Required instruments:
    ? Ramekins (# will be based on size)
    ? Saucepan, aluminum preferred
    ? Hand torch (largely optional)
    ? Large Bowl
    ? Whisk
    ? An oven-proof pan that is able to hold water as well as the ramekins for a bain marie setup

    1. Preheat oven to 325F
    2. Separate 5 eggs into yolks and whites respectively, adding yolks into a bowl. Extra whites will not be used in this recipe
    3. Add in the 5 whole eggs into the bowl, as well as the splenda, and whisk the ingredients.
    4. Heat the cream in the saucepan until it starts to boil (scrape seeds from vanilla bean and add in bean itself if using.. the bean)
    5. Remove scalded cream, and add flavoring at this point if using liquid extracts.
    6. SLOWLY pour the scalded cream in the yolk mixture a little at a time, CONSTANTLY whisking fast so that the eggs dont scramble. Use the entire amount of scalded cream this way. Your arm may get tired, its nice to have someone with you or switch every so often between hands
    7. Pour mixture into ramekins until about 90% full. If you have a hand blowtorch, wave over the ramekins to get rid of the bubbles. Completely optional and only for aesthetics value.
    8. This part is up to you how you do it, but what you want to do is to put the ramekins into a tray or pan of some sort that would allow you to fill that said tray/pan with water to the point it reaches about half the height of the ramekins. That pan must also be covered tightly with tinfoil.
    9. Put the tinfoil-covered pan in the oven and set a timer for 25 minutes.
    10. Check the oven after the 25 minutes have elapsed. Gently jiggle the ramekins to see if theyre 'set'. Unfortunately this will take some trial and error as ive found out in my past live. Keep in mind they will take on a thicker consistency as they cool, and that cooking them too long will cause them to curdle.
    11. Remove the pan from the oven, and then the ramekins from the pan onto a seperate place to cool (~2-3 hours).
    12. Keep them covered in saran wrap and refrigerated until time of consumption.

    Note: I dont know if you can 'burn' splenda ontop to create that candy crust used in traditional creme brulee; I havent tried it. You can also scale the recipe to do a smaller trial to get the hang of making this item.

    High in fat, medium-low in protein, and very low in carbs (I would approximate approximately 1-2 carbs per serving)
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