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    Right Wrist Pain - Don't Know What To Do. Don't Know What It Is.

    Hey Everyone.

    I am planning on seeing a doctor to get X-Rays done or something because I have been dealing with wrist pain now for...probably 2 months?

    Any time I put any weight bearing on it, (such as lifting myself out of a computer chair, or even just adjusting myself in the chair using the arm rests) I get horrible pain and immediate weakness in my wrists.

    It has progressively just gotten worse and worse recently and I am even taking time off lifting, taking ibuprofen, getting enough sleep, drinking water, etc. Nothing seems to be working.

    It feels like pain in my thumb, in the back of my hand that travels into my wrist, its becoming excruciating. I am beginning to fear that its going to require surgery.

    I only seemed to notice it after I started benching and doing heavier dumb bell bench pressing, but I understand what good form looks and feels like so I cant imagine it was because of that...?

    I am just feeling down-and-out right now. Does anyone know what this could be?

    Frankly, I've done the carpal tunnel tests, there is no numbness, its just really awful shooting pain and weakness when I do any type of weight bearing. ONLY in the right wrist.

    How long would an injury like this keep me away from lifting? Should I stop lifting all together? It even sort of hurts when I grip the bar doing back-squats...

    Thanks for any advice or words of wisdom.
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    I can relate to this and offer what seems to be helping me. I have this problem with my right wrist (I'm right handed) and what I find helps is stretches a few times a day and this light "pulling" on the affected wrist. I'm using my phone to write this but if you YouTube "bob & brad wrist decompression and stretches" that's where I started. It's helped me quite a bit in conjunction with using a bit lighter weight and taking longer breaks between workouts using my wrist.

    I hope this helps!
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