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Thread: Muscle tare?

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    Muscle tare?

    Last night (for the first time) I experienced something that I THINK might have been a muscle tare??? I was concentrating on my form while doing DB Bicep curls (9 reps at 50#ea side). I didn't notice anything from that but on the next exersize (Tricep pushdown at 110#) I really felt this sharp pain about 3" to the right, and 1/2"above, the belly button. It subsided by end of the set but I couldn't finish my tricep pushdowns for that set or the next. I found that I couldn't do chinups due to the pain and experienced slight pain doing my right to left lateral obliques.

    Here's yesterdays routine;
    (I'm 52)
    8-8-9 Bicep curl 50#ea
    10-2-0 Tricep pushdown110#
    8-9-10 Bench Press (i2 mid bar) - 260#
    10-12-0 Chin ups - 280#
    9-12-13 seated wide lat pull down - 240
    8-9-12 Tricep extension 100#/arm (i1 mid bar)
    10-10-11 Chest Fly - 70#/arm
    12-12-12 Abb Crunch (i2 mid bar) - 240#
    12-12-12 Lateral Oblique Abb Crunch L& R - 120#
    (i2 mid bar)

    This is the first day of a 3 day cycle so I'll not be doing these for another 4 days at which time my plan is to drastically reduce the pulldown and chinup weight. (Maybe something like 40 and 100 # each.) Thinking that will maintain the muscles while allowing them to heal. If that produces ANY pain my plan would then be to eliminate that muscle group and work on others.
    My question is: Does that sound like a good plan or should I not do them at all starting immediately - and if so, how long should I lay off them?
    Also, would you immediately go see your doctor or wait and see the results of the next sets?
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