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    Need tips on this routine

    I plan to start this routine this week, first week a little slower just to get into the feel of it but the plan I am going to write will be what I plan to try, unless their is a better way but a little info on me to start.

    I'm 26 yrs old, male, 205 Lbs, 5' 11.5" and am planning on a military career so need lots of running and upper body strength. I currently bench maybe 150 Lbs roughly so pretty sad I know, push ups 15-20, 1 chin up (lol), 20 sit ups and I can run maybe 2.5kms or so (no specific time, varies sometimes). As you can see, I need serious help. Anyway here is the routine I was thinking of:

    I usually go to the gyms in the morning (I usually sleep 1200-0630 then have my breakfast then go to gym around 0830). Every session (Mon-Sat) will start with 10 min walk at a 5.3 kph pace on the treadmill, then I do stretches followed by push ups/chin ups (3 sets, I do push ups one day, chin ups the next so 3 times a week each one) and sit ups (3 sets, 6 days a week). After this I move into: (the first week or so, maybe 2 for cardio will be cycling not running except for running 1 day, just want to make sure I don't hurt my knee with too much running too soon)

    Upper body, mostly chest, triceps and forearms, then I do cardio (running, treadmill, usually the day I run the hardest/farthest thru the week)

    Lower body, quads, calves and hamstrings, cardio (light cycling, indoor at gym)

    Cardio (Running, treadmill usually, possibly outside at a track some days)

    Cardio (cycling, indoor at gym)

    Upper body, biceps, back and shoulders, then cardio (running, treadmill, slower pace than most days)

    Cardio (running, outside at track, only inside if it's poor weather to run outside)


    Once this portion is done I do a cool down usually about 10 mins at a slower pace (these cool downs basically the main list above ends with cardio so it leads right into the cooldown with a gradual slower pace till I reach the slow pace I want for the next 10 mins), then I do some basic stretches and thats it.

    (The muscle groups above, I forget the actual names of the exercises but it's the general, bench press, calf raises, leg curls, etc... the pretty basic stuff). Any help on a any modifications to this routine would be appreciated. I'm still new at this.

    Sorry, the goals I would like to reach minimum would be:
    30-40 push ups (hands shoulder width apart, no wider), 6-8 chin ups, 40 sit ups, bench press 200 Lbs and maybe able to run 6-8 kms (at a speed of 10kph or higher consistently). This is just rough, if I can do more than these numbers then thats even better.

    Sorry for the long post.
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