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    Smile Need help finding a documentary

    Hey all,
    I am doing a huge project for a sociology class on subcultures and I have chosen female competitors. (Bodybuilding, fitness, and figure.) The thing is, I need a film that shows the subculture. I ordered Pumping Iron II from 1984 about the female bodybuilders, but I found out that the Discovery Channel did a documentary called "Bodies" and featured Kelly Ryan. I contacted the Dicovery Channel and they said that the program wasn't available for purchase at this time. I know it is a long shot, but I was hoping that somebody might have recorded it. If so, please help me out. I really want my class to learn that there is a lot more to us than protein shakes and lifting gloves. I want to teach them about the dedication, deprivation and rewards that are associated with our lifestyle! Thanks!
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