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    Capo road to 190

    Hi i'm 18 years old 6'5 and 205 lbs i want to go down to 190 not to far away but im very weak as in sticking with a diet i know all the guidelines to dieting im planning on doing a 40/40/20. I was hoping to reach my goal by sept or late august, and i hope by keeping a log i can stay focused on it this is going to be my last day "pigging out". Im gonna be jogging in the morning thinks its called fasted cardio or sumthin, and since school is closed dont have a gym but im gonna do body weight workouts (situp pushup pullups all that stuff) I would join a gym but i wont have time to go cuz of work. Please give me support so i can stay strong and focused and any tips would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance and WISH ME LUCK!!
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