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    Arrow Product Review Section Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

    Welcome to the forums! We have a few simple rules for our members, so everyone can have a more productive and enjoyable time here. Please read through these rules carefully before posting. If you have any questions about them, please PM(private message) a moderator

    1) Please use the search function before asking a question. 99% of the topics posted about have already been discussed at lengths in the past. You can click on the search button in the top right corner and find information on a variety of topics, as well as on the articles section on the main site. This will help you find what you're looking for quicker and easier, and put less stress on the older members of the site who have probably answered your question more than once.

    You are more than welcome to post, but please run a search first! Please read through the posts "stickied" at the top of the supplements forum to get you started. Instead of starting a new thread on a subject that has already been discussed, bumping an old topic in order to build on the previous discussion is also recommended.

    2) There is no advertising allowed on the forum, and posting links to outside vendors is not allowed. This board is run and sponsored by, but we want the truth about the products, good or bad, to be posted here so you can make a smart decision.

    You are welcome to post links to the cyberstore within the site, but we do not allow discussion of other supplement store sites for obvious reasons. If you attempt to post about other stores, you may notice they are blocked out with asterisks (***). Although you are welcome to discuss any manufacturers' products, you may not publicly display other places to purchase these products.

    If you are a supplement company or store owner, you are welcome to post here - but advertising links in your signature are not allowed. Advertising of products is also not allowed, however discussion of products whether they are sold through the store or not, is allowed with some exceptions. (There a few brands that we do not allow to be discussed because of abuse.) If you are a supplement company owner or representative, please make it clear to us your affiliation with the company.

    Other unrelated advertising is not allowed, but you may PM a mod if you wish to post a link to your website in the misc forum. We do not allow links to online auctions or to advertise to other members if you are trying to sell your supplements

    3) Be respectful of the other members. Racism, bigotry & sexism will not be tolerated. We do allow frank discussion with the other members, and like to have a laugh, but some things are not appropriate. In the supplements forum, we are here to discussion nutritional and sports supplements. This is not the place to discuss politics, sex or religion. Repeatedly flaming, insulting and attempting to cause fights with other members will not be allowed and can result in a ban. Please be respectful to the board, the members and moderators. We are all here to learn and teach others what we know. There is a misc and a sex forum for off topic posts and topics unrelated to supplements. If you have a problem with another board member, please PM a moderator about it.

    4) No posting sources or asking about sources for prescription or illegal drugs (including steroids).

    5) Please post your stats when asking a question in the forum. Information about your height, weight, training experience, age, etc. can all be helpful when answering your questions about supplements. When posting, including this information will increase the time it is answered, and help the other members get a feel of what they can recommend and not recommend for you.

    6) Prohormones & steroids are not to be discussed period. Threads on this topic will be closed or deleted.

    7) Moderators decisions are final. Our moderators are all unpaid volunteers who are looking out for the best interests of our members. We want to help each and every member get the best experience possible on our board, but there will always be individuals who choose to break the rules and be banned. THERE IS NO PUBLIC DISCUSSION ON THIS. If you have a problem with a decision a moderator makes, please PM (private message) them and discuss with them the issue. We will be glad to discuss it with you there, but starting threads about it is not allowed. These threads will be closed or deleted.

    8) Do not cross post. There are 2 subcategories in the supplements forum, which should have subjects pertaining to them. The Products Review forum is for personal testimony on supplements, and the Supplements Science forum is for discussion on the scientific aspects of supplements and how they work. If you have a general question about supplements, please post it in the main supplements forum. DO NOT post your question in more than one forum. Multiple threads will be closed or deleted.

    9) Thread titles must be descriptive. Do not start threads with titles such as "Help" or "How's this?". They will be closed or delete. Please state in the thread specifically what you're asking about, to avoid confusion and aggravation of the other members.

    10) Avoid giving bad/misleading advice. What we mean here, is if you don't know what you're talking about, please don't post about it. This is a general rule, but we want to try and stem some of the false information that has been given out by inexperienced members.

    11) Discussion of illegal drugs is prohibited in this forum.

    Repeated warnings of any of violations of any of these rules can result in a ban. Please use the "Report this Post to a Moderator" function if you see anyone violating these rules, or find an offensive post.

    Above all, we want you to have a pleasant experience on so you can learn how to achieve your fitness goals. If you have a question about any of these rules, please PM a moderator.
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