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    Christian Thibaudeau & Mike Mahler NYC seminar

    Just to let you guys know that I will be conducting an 8-hours seminar along with Mike Mahler in New York city. The seminar will either be on August 21st or 28th.

    I believe that the cost of the seminar is 200.00$, but you'll have to check with Mike just to be sure. A video/DVD of the seminar will be done and will be sold to the general public for 149.95$, but the first 10 peoples who pre-register with Mike will receive it for free.

    You can reach Mike at:

    Christian Thibaudeau
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    Here is more info

    I am ecstatic about the upcoming workshop that I will be doing with top strength coach Christian Thibaudeau on August 21, 2004 in NYC. The workshop will be a full 8 hours of fun!

    First off let me tell you who I am. My name is Mike Mahler and I am a strength coach and Senior kettlebell instructor and the author of the best selling DVD called "Mahler's Aggressive Strength For The Mixed Martial Arts."

    I have done over 25 workshops across the US and overseas and I am arguably the most experienced kettlebell instructor in the US. I have trained hundreds of people with kettlebells and have written about the benefits of kettlebells in several magazines in the US and Japan. Of the the hundreds of people that I have trained, I have never received any negative feedback. Not one person has been disappointed.

    I am also a regular contributor to Hardcore Muscle Magazine, Testosterone Magazine, and Ironman Magazine.

    Christian Thibaudeau is the author of the training best seller “The Black Book of Training Secrets” as well as the much acclaimed “Theory and application of modern strength and power methods”. He has established himself as one of the best communicator in the strength training field through his work for Testosterone magazine. He has trained numerous elite professional and amateur athletes and is recognized as one of the most innovative mind amongst modern strength specialists . He has himself been competitive in olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. He is also considered to be an authority on body transformation.

    If you have ever wondered about the following, then you need to be at our workshop:

    How do I break in an athlete into high-performance training?
    How do I progress continously?
    What methods should be used with a beginner?
    Which ones are better for an intermediate lifter? Which are necessary for an elite athlete?
    These are questions that you'll be able to answer after participating in Christian Thibaudeau's presentation. You will also learn:

    The principles of pendulum training, how to apply this novel training system to building more muscle, gaining more strength, loosing fat and becoming a better athlete.
    You'll get to experiment first hand with very advanced training methods and will learn the proper learning sequence of the olympic lifts.
    If you are serious about being the best you can be, either as a coach, athlete or physical specimen, you must attend this seminar!

    If that was not already enough, I will be covering:

    How to develop trememdous hip power for sports.
    How to get as tight as possible to lift more weight then ever before and avoid unnecessary injuries.
    How to breathe for maximum performance
    How to combine exercises for maximum strength in less time than ever before
    The seven biggest mistakes that people make with regards to training and how to avoid them
    How to structure a workout for maximum fat loss and strength and why 25-40 minute workouts are superior to 90 minute death marches.
    The biggest mistakes that people make when working the core
    How to avoid muscle imbalances by incorporating must have exercises into your routine.
    How to train several times a day everyday and get stronger than ever! Yes it works.
    Also, and you are going to love this. The one thing that people really hate about seminars is not being able to retain everything that is presented. After all, you can only take in so much in eight hours. Well, we are going to be filming this workshop to sell to the mass market. As a special bonus to you, the first ten people that pre-register for our workshop are going to get a complimentary DVD of the workshop! Thats right, FREE! The DVD will retail for $149.95 so basically you are getting a $150.00 discount off of the enrollment fee.

    Here is what people had to say about the last workshop that Christian and I did:

    “Christian knows his stuff. His knowledge is unmatched, he is very personable and friendly, his passion is contagious. And his French accent is awesome! The workshop easily surpassed my expectations.

    Scott Porter”

    “It was great to meet Christian in person - he's huge, ripped and very nice, not to mention his sweet accent. Christian presented some refreshingly new information. Good stuff.

    Jason Norcross”

    “As I write this, I'm sitting here trying to figure out if there is a part of my body that is NOT sore. So far, I've come up with nothing! Saturday's workshop was pretty INTENSE! (albeit well worth it) For anyone who is REMOTELY interested in Kettlebell training, you should do yourself a favor and make it to one of Mike's workshops. (especially you MMA guys) I went into this one with little (if any) knowledge of kettlebell training, and came out having learned a tremendous amount, and with a newfound respect for this training method. Mike's teaching style and flow work very well, and he obviously has great knowledge of the subject matter. But, if you do plan on attending, be ready for the PAIN!

    And Christian Thibaudeau... well, the first word that comes to mind after meeting Christian is PASSION. This is a man who is passionate about his chosen path in life. It comes through in his speech, his manner, his very essence. It's actually somewhat contagious. After his seminar, you want to run right out and start designing training programs!

    Jamie Breakfield”

    “I had a lot of very high expectations for this seminar, and they were simply blown away.

    Jonathan Aichele”

    “I am just awestruck by Mike. What an impressive instructor. I had never even touched a kettlebell before this workshop. Now I can't wait to get a pair and go to work.

    Even though we were sore and tired, Ko and I have spent the last two days incorporating CT's tips on the snatch and clean. Wow, What an improvement!

    Patricia Smith”

    While we would love to have 100 people attend this workshop, We only have space for 40 people. If you want in, I suggest you pre-register now. Once we hit 40 the workshop will be closed and no exceptions will be made.

    Here is the pricing structure:

    If you pre-register by January 31, 2003, the price is only $195.95

    After the 31 and before April 20 the price will be $249.97

    Between April 21 and July 25, the price will be $299.97

    Between July 26 and August 20, the price will be $349.95

    At the door the price will be $449.95

    To pre-register and to esnure that you get in at the early-bird price and get the free DVD, Use right now to pre-register before it is too late. Send $195.97 to and you are in.

    Live Life Aggressively!

    Mike Mahler


    This is a rare opportunity to train with two of the top strength coaches around. Do not think that you can just catch the next one as we have no plans to work together again in 2005. Pre-register right now to get in and to get the free DVD. Do the math and realize that if you pre-register by January 31, you are getting in for only $50.00! (199.95-$149.95(retail price of the DVD)
    Mike Mahler
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