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    Need advice to safely train post-partum client

    Hi there BB forums - long-time reader, first-time poster!

    I recently became a PT and just secured my fifth client, who is a new mother (approximately 15-16 weeks post-pregnancy). She has a history of fitness as a yoga instructor and has engaged me for help with muscular training.

    To build muscle mass sustainably and safely, I put her on a conservative hypertrophy programme (after the proper assessments) and she just completed her first workout. She did a great job of completing it, however, during a superset of Smith Sumo Squats with SLDL, she complained on the 3rd set of fear her pelvic muscles wouldn't hold up and that it may cause issues.

    I, of course, stopped the exercise immediately and we moved on to her upper body.

    Her form was excellent, as was her tempo under moderate resistance, however, her depth was impacted by her fear of her body holding together!

    Any tips on how I can boost her sense of competency and reduce her fear while building strength? My knee-jerk reaction is to work on pelvic floor exercises, core bracing, and perhaps work on longer pauses in the low-squat position to get her comfortable at that isometric portion of the lift. I'd love inputs from you!
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