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    Question 17 Male, constantly hitting plateaus and looking for advice.

    As of me writing this, I am 17 and have been working out seriously for a few months, (5 to be exact). I know it seems like an extremely small amount of time, but I've been stuck bench pressing 125x2-3 reps for 3 weeks now. I track everything I eat and I lift 5 times a week, training every muscle group twice. Just looking for advice in general on how to break through and get stronger?

    Bench: 125x3 reps
    Squat: 205x3 reps
    Deadlift: 260x2 reps.

    I do compound lifts like these within the 2-6 rep range but for things like curls, Arnold press and leg extensions I do like (6-8 reps)
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