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    Pulled something while doing Sumo Deadlifts for first time

    Hey guys, as stated in the title I did Sumo Deadlifts today and was surprised at how intense it was. It was very fun trying something new. I did 3x10 on a smith machine with 50 lbs added.

    I probably overdid it with the 50 lbs since it was my first time doing a deadlift. But I thought it would be OK because I can legpress 130lb currently.

    During the last set I felt something weird in my left glute. Even 20 minutes later when I was walking up the stairs I felt that same area every step i took, it wasn't painful just peculiar.

    I also did Spin Class earlier in the day and I realized my left leg is more dominant than my right.

    Is there a way to fix that and make my legs equally dominant? And did anyone else experience something like this when deadlifting for the first time?
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