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    PPL split w exercises, just want thoughts, my back is strong but not growing😅

    PPL split I made, any advice is appreciated
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'4
    weight: 60kg or 130lb
    Goals: build muscle, especially on back

    thursday, Sunday
    Barbell bench press 8-10 reps x4
    incline dumbbell bench 8-10 reps x3
    cable flys 10-12 reps x3
    shoulder press 8-10 reps x3
    rear delt fly's 8-12 reps x3
    lat raises 15-25 x3
    bodyweight dips 8-10 reps x4
    tricep rope pushdown 8-10 reps x4
    overhead tricep extension 8-10 reps x4

    Tuesday, friday
    deadlifts 6-8 reps x3
    lat pulldowns 8-10 reps x4
    barbell rows 8-10 reps x4
    one arm iso rows 8-10 reps x4
    dumbbell shrugs 15-20 reps x3
    dumbbell curl x4
    hammer curl x4
    Preacher curls x4

    Wednesday, Saturday
    Barbell squats 6-8 reps x4
    leg extension 15-20 reps x3 (hold for 3 seconds when fully extended)
    hamstring curls 10-12 reps x3
    dumbbell lunges 10-12 reps (each leg) x3
    standing calf raises 30,25,20 reps x4
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