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Thread: Weird injury

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    Exclamation Weird injury

    I’m 18 I’ve been going to the gym for about 2 years. I like to train vigourously until failure on many exercises. I always warm up the specific muscles I will be working out but I don’t stretch at all. The problem occurs in my chest muscles. Each chest session (1x a week) I do only chest and absolutely destroy my chest;at the on of the training I can’t do 5-10 pushups. I focus on stretching my chest on a lot of movements but I don’t exaggerate with the weights; e.g. I do chest flies and realy stretch it but ofc keep my shoulders down and shoulder blades in place throughout the movements, cable flies which stretch alot and sometimes pushups with dumbells in order to get higher range of motion amd again stretch. Few weeks ago I went on to do chest. At the very first rep I knew I was’t as rested or I didn’t eat well and about 6 reps in, underneath my collar bone, I could feel like tightening in my upper chest (I did incline bench p smith) and the it wasn’t as painful it was similar to muscles contracting on the last reps just constently feeling more of a burn and contraction but it was specific for that spot on the right side and burned more than the rest of the chest. So I was sure something was wrong with that part and did another set and did not want to risk an injury since I felt tighting in that part when doing and didnt feel normal. I when to a physiotherapost and she said she feels a little bump which could be a scar, a consequence of a muscle rupture. But she did’t check the other side since we didn’t have time at all. I noticed the other side is also inflammed when massaging it myself so I massaged a bit for 5-7 min. Day later my chest hurts to touch on both sides on those identital areas. Can anyone share similar experiences and their knowledge, time of recovery, suggested future steps, resting time etc…
    I find the location weird as it’s not closer to the shoulder but rather centered. Which is the usual spot inflammed in athletes connected to shoulder issues (subclavicus I think) . Mine is underneath collarbone not right below it, little down but also still its uppper chest area, centered a bit closer to the middle of chest than shoulder.
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