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    Lightbulb Artificial Intelligence in Powerlifting

    I am about to finish university after studying computer science and I have an interest in Artificial intelligence.

    With apps like ChatGPT becoming popular, I thought I would apply artificial intelligence to powerlifting.

    The application will use a "model" to make predictions however first the model must be trained on real data in order to make accurate predictions. This is where you guys come in. I have a google forum that asks questions about what your PR's are, how many calories you consume etc and would like to encourage as many of you as possible to fill it out. All your data is anonyomous, not even emails are collected. Please don't lie and let your ego win as this will just make the model worse.

    [I do not have enough posts to post the link to forums it seems, I will update with the link when I can]
    (please comment below: SBD pr's, bodyweight, age, calorie intake when training, Male or Female, how long have you been training? are you natural?)

    Any questions I will be happy to answer
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