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    Life is precious

    John was nervous as he waited at the restaurant for his date, Sarah, to arrive. They had met online and had been chatting for a few weeks, but this was their first in-person meeting. He had picked out his best outfit and had even practiced some conversation starters, but he was still worried about making a good impression.

    As Sarah walked in, John's heart skipped a beat. She looked even more beautiful in person than in her pictures. They hugged and exchanged pleasantries before taking their seats. The conversation flowed easily as they ordered their meals and talked about their interests and hobbies.

    As they finished their meal, Sarah reached into her bag and pulled out a small box. "I got you something," she said, handing it over to John.

    He opened the box to find a personalized koozie with his name & his face on it. He was touched by the gesture and thanked her with a smile. "I have something for you too," he said, pulling out a small photo album.

    Inside were pictures of their online conversations, screenshots of their favorite memes, and even a few silly selfies they had taken during their video calls. Sarah's eyes lit up as she looked through the pages, and she thanked him with a warm hug.

    As they left the restaurant, John felt like the date had gone really well. He was about to ask Sarah if she would like to go on another date when she beat him to it. "John, I know this may seem sudden, but I feel like we have a really strong connection. Would you like to be in a committed relationship with me?"

    John's heart raced as he felt a surge of happiness. "I was just about to ask you the same thing!" he exclaimed, taking her hand in his.

    As they walked towards Sarah's car, they noticed a commotion down the street. A small group of people were gathered around a car that had crashed into a nearby building. As they got closer, John gasped in shock. It was his ex-girlfriend's car, and she was inside, unconscious.

    Without thinking, John ran towards the car, yelling for help. Sarah followed close behind, her heart racing with fear. They tried to open the doors, but they were stuck. John pulled out his phone and dialed 911, while Sarah tried to comfort the injured woman.

    Finally, the ambulance arrived, and John's ex-girlfriend was rushed to the hospital. John and Sarah exchanged a somber glance, both realizing how precious life can be.

    As they drove home, John and Sarah held hands tightly, grateful for each other's company. They had experienced an unexpected twist to their date, but it had brought them even closer together. They knew that they had found someone special and was excited about what the future held for them.

    After that incident, John realized how unfit he is and also realized how anything can happen. So now John is one of the bulky guys who can pick up even pick up a car with a bare hand.

    you don't have to be as bulky as John but be strong as you help when something happens
    life is so precious keep that in mind
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