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    10 year lifter.. Help me answer this volume question please.

    I have had my fair share of injuries.. but lifted on and off since 2013. 5'8 190lb coming off a 200lb bulk. 28 years old. Male.

    The question: How much volume can I actually do at this point in my lifting career? I know this is a HIGHLY varied answer from person to person so here is some background data:

    Example: Chest day: 2-3 sets of 50% effort fly machine to warm up. 2-3 warm up sets on flat bench (less than 5 reps). 3 working sets flat bench (6-10 reps). Weight dips with 45lb, 3 working sets (8-12 reps). Incline dumbell 3 working sets (6-12 reps). High-low fly 2 pump work sets (12-20 reps). [ All working sets taken to absolute failure, even some partial reps when applicable ]

    I can do this workout.. and feel "taxed" the next day but not sore.. 48 hours later I am not sore at all.

    I eat 200-230g protein per day. 130-150g carbs/day. 40-80g fats/day. 1900-2000 cals on a cut.

    Arms/shoulders/abs/lats/traps seem to recover even faster.. sometimes not even sore the next day doing a decent amount of volume...

    ULTIMATELY, here's my question: Is it considered overtraining if I did that chest workout every 3 days? If I am not sore is it okay to still lift even if it's only been 48-72hours?

    If so this would mean I could do a PPL split twice a week.

    The only PED I am taking right now is MK677/ibutamoren.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated. ---- here is a link to my current physique for reference.
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