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    Help with cutting plan AND BMR calculation!

    I have been weightlifting for a little while now, and I am curious as to how I should approach my upcoming cut (in terms of deficit scale, etc). No, I am not cutting because I am self-conscious because I think I’m “fat” or something. This is simply a strategic approach to preparing for summer. I plan on tanning for that 3 month period as well as I am a naturally pasty person. Here are my stats:

    6′1″, 15M, 178lbs (roughly), 16% body fat (roughly).

    Here’s my current plan:

    For context (most know this already), when you’re cutting, your body either doesn’t build any muscle or it loses muscle. If you’re a beginner or have a higher body fat %, you can get away with building some muscle on a cut, but that’s not me. My school year ends in June. I want to plan a 3-month cut (starting April 1st) to cut down from 16% body fat to 10–12% body fat. That’s, generally speaking, a healthy body fat % to maintain and still be considered "lean". It’s also probably all I could comfortably maintain for someone with my genetics, I’m not the kind of person that can easily get into the single-digit zone. The reason I want it to be across 3 months is that I want to take it as slowly and as healthily as possible, with no crash dieting, minimal muscle loss, etc. I have around two months left of main-gaining (not deliberately bulking, but still managing to slowly gain weight) before it’s time for me to begin, and I need to know if this is the BEST approach possible to achieve my goal. I’m also a bit lost in terms of how much I should eat (taking into consideration my BMR and stuff) to cut slowly but still reach 10% - 12% body fat in 3 months. Other calculators put my baseline BMR at around 1800 - 2000. Despite my lack of trust in online BMR calculators, the TDEE calculator was what I believe to be the best one I could find as it considered my body fat % and my activity level.

    http s://imgur. com/a/lh53TmQ

    Here are various other (possibly) semi-relevant pieces of information it provided:

    http s://imgur. com/a/7clIING
    http s://imgur. com/a/6N972yD

    Any help would be much appreciated as to the accuracy of these results, how much I should eat/how much of a deficit I should be in + any recommended changes to my original plan, etc (I need to get this down as thoroughly as possible so there's no guessing when it comes time to actually cut). Thank you!
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