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    TRT here, please help

    Hey everyone, I'm a 50 year old Canadian and I've been lifting weights since about age 14. I'm not a full on bodybuilder but it's the closest thing that matches my training and goals, I just don't try to get really big. Anyway, a couple of years ago through an unrelated medical issue, I learned that I was suffering from low testosterone. My doctor recommended replacement therapy and after a lot of research and after trying one alternative, I went ahead with it.

    My problem/question is this; I am prescribed 1 mil once a week but about a year ago I started taking an additional 1/2 a mil once a week on top of the 1 mil I was already taking. I felt great doing that but when I take just 1 mil, I don't feel nearly as good. The doctor orders periodic blood level checks and when he does that I have to stop taking the extra shot for a week or so in order to produce a 'normal' test. I don't have any numbers (blood levels etc) but I'm curious whether anyone else has had a similar experience?

    Any help/thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks and I'm glad to be a new member here
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