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    how to fix a herinated disc

    Took me 20 years but figured you pull with back muscles on herniated disc then you don't release you back pull and reset how hard pulling do a repull so that two 100% strength pulls at same time you body lift on adrenaline its the same concept then its pops your rib out releases the pressure on you spine and leave you with those winged rib scapula that you see people hunched over with its like giving birth for 6 months of pain to fix that you sit in a chair slowcoach over find a sweet spot in ribs that hold up the most weight well you slowcoach make a fist put knuckles against sweet spot and rotate clockwise or counter clock wise you spin knuckle with out any pressure and rotate you ribs with a radius 2 inch more then your fist clock wise or counter clockwise and you do rib back cracking might not have pop your rib out I not sure I would try the rib cracking first
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