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    Hernia Recovery Advice

    Hi all

    I tore a hernia nearly 3 years ago and had surgery 13 months ago.

    I've been trying to get back into the gym but I've been struggling and I've recently discovered that my muscles has been sewn on sideways, so I'm looking for advice.

    The Surgeon cut away the middle where my muscles tore apart from doing sit-ups etc. Instead of sewing both sides of my stomach muscles to meet in the middle, he dragged one side over and sewed it onto mesh. It won't move and its sewn in an arch.

    Now my muscles are sideways. (I can't see how to attach photos)

    In the past 10 months the scar has grown 4 times as big as it keeps tearing in different places. It seems that the muscle wants to pull back central and its tearing itself away, but the mesh is the only thing holding my stomach together underneath.

    I've been getting fobbed off with the NHS for 13 months now and I got no advice on picking up training again and I just thought about bodybuilders, who probably know muscles better than Medical People.
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