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    Post Motivation, Discipline and Willpower

    - You can't achieve much if you only work when you feel like it.
    - Discipline is a power fist in your old habbits that will get you far.
    - Discipline is what builds habbits and habbits are what builds success.
    - Discipline is the matured version of motivation and willpower.
    - The first thing that you do in the day is going to set the tone for the remainer of your day.
    - How can you structure your life so that doing stuff is easy for you instead of doing stuff is hard for you?
    - Motivation is what we're naturally inclined to do, motivation comes from within, but willpower is the exact opposite, conscious effort. Conscious effort to do what? to do the thing you weren't motivated to do.
    - You can increase your willpower, or you can cultivate your motivation, those are 2 different things, which one is more beneficial? Discipline is self-rule. Self-rule implies that you are not one thing.
    - You're not lazy. You're motivated to do stuff that aren't beneificary to you.
    - If you're stuck it requires a lot of energy to move you away from this place, which means there's a lot of gravity pulling you towards this place.
    - The harder it is to pull you away from something the more motivated you are towards it.
    - It's not that you're lazy, it's actually that some part of you it's highly motivated to stay where you are right now. And until you understand and realise what that is and how it works, it's going to be real hard to move forward.
    - You can use willpower, and by the way discipline is a consistent use of willpower over time.
    - What's a habbit? use of discipline? no, the exact opposite. When something becomes a habbit, you do it automatically without being motivated, without being disciplined, without using willpower.
    - Motivation, discipline and willpower are all separate from habbit, it's a habbit, it's just something you do, you have a particular pattern. It's a habbit, it doesn't require willpower for you to do it or not much.
    - Once you get to the place of habbit things are going to become relatively easy because it's sort of like auto-pilot.
    - Where does motivation come from? through a need? not necessarily. Do you need a job? yes! why? what's going to change tomorrow if you have a job? I get money. What's the consequence tomorrow if you don't have a job? not much. You can replace the word "job" with "yacht" and the same applies, this is why you are not motivated to have a yacht.
    - The consequences for me if I don't have a job/yacht tomorrow is that I don't have a job/yacht. Do you have a place to sleep tomorrow if you don't have a job/yacht? Do you have you have food to eat tomorrow if you don't have a job/yacht? you have something to occupy your mind that you find mentally engaging if you don't have a job/yacht? why do you need a job/yacht? I'm confused.
    - To get a sense of fulfillment. Okay, is that something that is going to happen tomorrow? no. When does fulfillment happen?
    - Your brain is way smarter than you are, your brain recognises what you need, your brain says "hey buddy, we need some food right now! why don't you go eat something?", "hey buddy, we need to go to toilet right now", so you're motivated to go to the toilet. "hey buddy, we don't need a job, because we have everything that we need right here. What do we need? nothing, you don't need a job".
    - And then there is a part of your brain that weights how important things are. Your brain is always trying to weight different options. Behavior in motivation is about the availablity of things, the internal drive towards things, and the expected reward from things. All factor in whether I do something or I don't do something.
    - What do you think the expected reward of finding fulfillment is? how does your brain computes that? not sure. Your brain doesn't know what the heck that means.
    - Here you are telling your brain "hey brain, we need fulfillment" your brain is like "I don't know what the heck that is".
    - And so then you wake up, and then this is the part of your mind that says "hey brain, we need to do something today", and then your brain says "why do we need to do something?", "well, we need a job for independence" but then the brain is like "you don't need independence, you've got independence right here, you can sleep when you want to, you can eat when you want to, you can play games when you want to, this is actually the perfect lifestyle!".
    - And then you say "no brain, but we need fulfillment" and your brain says "what is that?" and then you say "I don't know" and then the brain says "well, if you don't know what it is, then like why do you need it? why would we want fulfillment when we can like drink beer or play video games. The brain understands what video games are like "wow, this is fun, we can do this, or we can go knocking on random door looking for fulfillment", because how do you find fullfilment? I don't know.
    - It's like "where can I dig for gold and find gold?" your brain is going to be like "that's a waste of our time", "finding fulfillment is a waste of our time".
    - The reason you're not doing any of these 2, job or yacht, is because you don't need to.
    - Your brain is like, you start feeling bad and then you tell your brain "hey brain, we need to go exercise so that we feel good about ourselves", your brain is like "you know what's better than running or doing exercise? imagining we are already fit so we can feel better about ourselves".
    - You tell your brain "I need to excersie", your brain says "why should you do all that effort to feel better when I can make you feel better playing video games? you can just play video games. And if you get that item that you want, you're going to feel great".
    - Your brain is like "it's way easier, I don't understand why you're trying to make my life hard. What is it better, to drink the water next to you, or to go outside and knock at everyone's door asking for water? it's too much effort for the reward, not worth it".
    - If you're stuck in the past, you'll never get to enjoy the future.
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