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    Technique and Resistance training (current transformation progress)

    Hi All,
    A little intro on me. I am 41 year old and I have been working out for 5 years. I have had my ups and down in life but recently coming back to my GYM routine. Previously, I used to do all kind of exercises like bench press, Lat pull downs, DB rows, overhead press etc and I never gained any muscles. I always wonder what is going on. I was deadlifting 365LB l, bench pressing 245LB and squats 265LB as well. I also encountered a lot of injuries as well but I never had definition or muscles. I was either having an abdomen fat or I was very slim with no muscles. Also, it was hard to loose weight as well. I started my journey with 196LB from June 7th

    So I started looking locally from 1st June 2022 to find out who can help me in achieving the 10- 13%BF that I am looking for and this has to be done naturally. I found one person who is my coach now
    Name: Valerie Rider
    Phone: +1 (703) 597-1630
    Just email her or text her with any of your questions and you will be shocked how much knowledge she have about exercise.

    Workout Plans:
    Previously I was working out doing compounds and isolation exercises and I sent her my previous workout plans and some of my videos and she decided to start fixing my technique first. I never knew what she meant by that so I asked her a lot of questions and one thing what she told me was that without proper technique it does not matter how much LBS you are lifting cause at the end of the day if right muscles are not engaged, you are just wasting your energy. Also, her workout plans focused more on core exercises, compound lifts (squats, deadlifts & bench press) with rows, band exercises, push ups, pull ups etc which I never did it before.

    At starting of the year, I was always using 180g protein, 200g carbs and 52g fat. I never lost weight and I didn’t knew what the issue was. From June 7th when I hired her, we kept the same calories but increased our daily steps to 10K which I never counted earlier and slowly slowly I can see the scale coming down. The current plan is to bump up the calories, increase muscle mass by not gaining weight.

    I just want to share with you my 2 month transformation journey. It is not a whole lot but I am sure we are on the right path and I will keep updating this thread on my month to month progress to find out if I can achieve the 10-12% BF naturally or not. This is my Goal !

    Started at 197 and now currently sitting at 187.

    2 month transformation pics
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