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    Steveo's Journey, Trying to become better!

    My name is Steveo, I'm 49 years old , I live in Missouri. I started My journey at 511 lbs. I started in 2020 and I've been doing the best I can. Now I'm at 379lbs, now I'm doing intermittent fasting, joined a gym and started walking everyday. Walking is painful at times I have a bad knee and have been told I will need a knee replacement, this is what I'm working for a weight of 290 lbs. so can get my knee done so I can be more active. Also if that isn't enough I also have asthma. Inhalers and breathing treatments help with that, but hot humidity weather and cold weather bother me. I'm doing the best I can. Stress is high with my family and that's a factor as well. I have 2 kids that I love with all my heart, my wife, we are having problems and that's were the stress is coming from. Thank you for listing this really helps, will talk more soon.

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