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    Introducing myself with a Vent


    Made an account because I wanted to vent about thinking of bodybuilding because of (redacted due to rules, glad I read!): I got upset over a gender pronouns on Twitter post. I thought maybe I'd body build to feel more masculine.

    And I wanted to show that I do have weight to lose, I'm not unhealthy in terms of being too small (I'm in boys L 14-16, I'm 5'1 calling myself God's Son but 'I'm female'.") I was around 191 at my highest weight.

    At 2 psychwards staff* said they had Ensure available for me but I don't want to gain weight. I need to trim the fat! I'm 32 btw and overcame Obesity losing 100lbs that really held me back, socially, physically and mentally, maybe financially too.

    fyi: I'd been trying to lose weight since about 2006 and finally did in about 2021

    I'm unable to upload the attachment So I will try to post it on my profile page! Ah, I don't have 50 posts yet so I removed link to my Gallery Photo as well. But I uploaded it there.
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