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    Lightbulb Looking for some help developing an app

    Hello trainers, I'm working with my current trainer to write a mobile phone app that will allow you as a trainer to create workout routines for clients and be able to manage their progress via the app. That's the barebones concept but I want to really make it solve the main issues you face as a personal trainer. I would love to talk to some more personal trainers to just get a vibe of how your current work flow looks, how you onboard a new client, how you create plans, how you keep track of progress and keep the client accountable.

    If you want to look at a sort of digital business card or landing page I've created to help portray what I'm trying to do here is a mangled link. (I don't have enough posts to post a full url)

    my-fitness-log.azurewebsites net

    This is a great way to get involved in the startup space if you've never been part of creating an app. Once it's done I would love to give ya'll lifetime memberships, you can even use the app as I make it and give feedback.

    Just a quick background on me, I'm an aspiring entrepreneur who just sold his first business in the day trading space. I've come to realize there is a disconnect in the remote personal trainer / client connection that I would really like to tackle. Not only that but I would also like to help you all run your business more efficiently to give you back more of your personal time.
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