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    Unhappy 2022 NPC Womens Overall Figure Champion - Becca Wilcox: Show Some Professionalism

    Congratulations to the Women's Overall Figure Winner, Becca Wilcox on a great win, it was well deserved.

    I was at the show and there is controversy about who her actual trainer is and who was a big part of getting her where she is today. Most of the competitors and people in the industry seem to be aware of the fact that Becca dropped her longtime trainer of around 4 years only two weeks before this contest, his name is Jake. Yet some other guy is taking credit and Becca is refusing to give credit where it is due.

    I know Jake and I know for a fact based on Becca's photos from 4 years ago until now, just how far Jake has taken her. The word is the only reason she dumped Jake was political. Her new trainer has 100+ pros under him. This same trainer, who I will not name seems to have plucked her at the last-minute selling her on, in his stable, under his well-known name, she had a far better chance at winning. This type of crap is exactly why the sport has such a bad political reputation and the popularity continues to fall. Competitors are sick of this bull****. If you have a big-name trainer, you have a better shot. True or not, this is what people believe.

    Does anyone really think that a trainer of just two weeks could have had her ready for this contest? Impossible. It takes one big set of balls to take such credit and absolutely zero pride in oneself.

    To the point of the sport's popularity, just look how empty the crowd was. The only spectators are contestants' family and close friends. Maybe the outrageous ticket prices have something to do with it. You can get a ticket to an NFL game for less than what a combined ticket to the prelims and finals cost.

    Becca deserved the victory, but she and her brand-new trainer need to step up with some morals and professionalism, and credit the people who got her there.
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