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    Post Some of my daily meals

    Hey folks,
    A few notes on the sides. I work a full time job and so when l am preparing meals during the work week I keep them as simple as possible while optimising micronutrient intake as well. I use cronometer to make sure i am optimising every vector properlly, this might be a good help for people who dont want to use cronometer themselves or seek inspiration. Also i am able to handle every kind lf dairy in any amounts I want so if you cant handle a lot of dairy then you might need to avoid many of my meals.
    One of my past days looked like this:

    Meal 1
    325g of nonfat Quark
    50g of 85% dark chocolate
    64g rice cakes broken into small pieces
    Non caloric sirup and cinnamon
    All of that mixed together

    Meal 2:
    150g of full fat ground beef
    350g green peas frozen
    100g non sugar added ketchup
    The peas cook tjrough in the microwave when i heat up the meal at work

    Meal 3 - preworkout:
    90g of oats
    36g whey
    Proatmeal: i eat in the train before i hit the gym after work

    Meal 4:
    350g of nonfat Quark
    50g of dark chocolate or nuts or peanuts
    350g of vegetables of my choice (cellery, broccoli, green breans, sauerkraut, redbeets, bdussel sprouts)
    40g of maize or rice cakes on the side
    100g of ketchup no sugar added

    I dont have the exact macros on hand rn but its about 2700kcal, 200-210g protein, 85g Fat, rest carbs.

    I try to keep fats above 1g/kg BW and i add 3g of Fish oil too as supplement. If my work week meals happen to be meatless or only white meat containing, then i usually eat organ meats on the weekends to be on top of my iron intake.

    If you want more FDOEs then just write it in this post as a response. Also quark is like greek yoghurt but with more protein and it doesnt have the acidity of yoggurt. If dark chocolate is too expensivd for you then just stick with full fat dairy,which is even better from a fatty acid content perspective.

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    Originally Posted by Menuprice View Post
    you need to eat more and more and you will achieve your goal very soon))))
    Soon is too optimistic, but you are right,being on top of micronutrient intake is really important. Kinda disappointing how little vitamins fruits and grains provide :/

    Gonna up the kcals a bit to 2850 which puts me in a surplus and gonna do a long clean offseason. Put on about 5kg of lean tissue in my first year of strict bodybuilding lifestyle
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