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    Muscle mass texture change

    Hi .. just started my working out again .. first 3 months was great .. the 4th month i had sex with my wife(that didnt touch in 5 months(had hair transplant)) at that time .. was taking 5-htp pills because was stressed alot for about one month(200 mg) a day .. and at night taking sleep aid. .. so once i ejaculate at that time something weird happend random discomfort signals like something shrinking .. and next day couldnt left weight and have to drop half what was lefting .. and start seeing my chest losing muacles and getting like saggy .. until all muscles same .. my muscle turning soft and like fatty texture even its muscles(i am sure) but still shrinking and my skin thick and lost all muscle tone .. hair loss and very dry like plastic .. dry skin .. any help please ? Been 3 years and still no doctor found the issue seems silly
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