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    Hello to one and all.

    Long time lurker here.
    Long story/ wall of text.
    Hello to one and all my name is Trevor.
    I was an army medic for a number of years, for all of my PT tests I was always a couple of pounds overweight for my height, if your not in the military there is a standard that says if you are a certain height you must be between this weight and that weight or your unhealthy, never mind that this standard was made in the Vietnam era when people were smaller. So I've always been a little overweight i guess. I got out of the military in 2013 came back home. I trained for a Tough Mudder when I first got out and ran it in like 5 hours and some change. So I was kinda in shape. Then I started/continued to drink, Unfortunately. I haven't really stopped since then. I eat like sh*t, normally only when drunk and whatever I can find, so like half a bag of Cheetos and a can of asparagus for one meal. Several times I got motivated, brought a bunch of supplements and swore I would go to the gym/work out. If you can follow my past you will see that it was the times I uploaded pics and stats/measurments to I actually just kinda halfheartedly took the supplements and never worked out. Obviously nothing happened I just slowly got more and more out of shape. I also have a gym membership for like the last 6 years Ive been there twice, I keep telling my self tomorrows the day I'm gonna go to the gym, never happens.
    Now normally I avoid Mirrors. But just yesterday(6/12/22) I got a look at myself in a mirror, I saw I was in bad shape. I came home got my weight, 210lb, and I realized how bad I had got. I'm like 5'6"/ 5'7" that is not a good weight. I am hitting one of those phases again, I've uploaded new pictures, updated all my measurements. I'm going to go to the gym I'm gong to do cardio, blah blah blah. I'm not going to waste money on supplements in case I don't stick it out this time, if I do I might buy some supplements. Hope it sticks this time
    I haven't tried using the forums before, this might help. I understand that the motivation and drive must come from me, no one else can will me to get into shape. But any advice, criticism, or words of wisdom would be appreciated.

    Thank you for listening to me ramble.
    TL;DR I'm really out of shape.
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