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    Have you ever faked an apology and is that ok?

    Have you ever issued a fake apology?

    My boyfriend found out I used to bully others in High School. They told him and he was bothered that I never apologized to those I've bullied. I've reached out to a couple of the bullied and ''apologized''. However, here is this the deal: I didn't mean any of it on that lengthy statement. It's not the first time I've faked apologies and fooled the listener. I'm an expert at expressing what I don't feel and faking tears too. I just don't feel any remorse for it (I'm likely unable to feel that) whatsoever. I can't help what I don't feel, never did and likely never will.

    Is that ok for your own sake, to blend in society? Lets just say I do it out of self-preservation in society.
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