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    Cant Recover Under 4000 Cals

    Hello! I’m 5’11 174 at 20% body fat. A while ago I started a warehouse job and my maintenance skyrocketed up to the 4000’s. I never learned my exact maintenance there because I got layer off my second week. I been barely getting activity other than training for 2 weeks now.

    My body just won’t recover if I eat under 4000 even tho I’m not active. I been eating at 4300 last week and had no recovery issues. I weighed in yesterday and I went from 173.2 to 174.8. Decided to drop to 4000 cals and train but I can’t make it through my first working set of squats.

    Im pretty sure I’m not a idiot or doing bro math. I have two scales, I weigh my food and read labels on prepackaged items like snacks. I fail to understand what I’m doing wrong.
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