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    Shoulder Injury Help

    Hello everyone this is my first time on forum sharing my problem here it is.
    So i started lifting 3 years ago my first year was amazing no problems but one day i tried to do muscle up and injured my right shoulder bad i couldnt do any workouts after that i go to doctors like 2 months they all said its going to be okay just wait

    So i waited 1 year nothing happened (it was about first corona times i was playing only video games btw for 1 year) i got sick of it. at the same time i was researching this injury i founded some fixes with resistance bands tried and that actually helped pain was gone so i started training again but i never got comfortable on my workouts my shoulder was popping up when i do bench press,pull up,push up every push move i cant fix it right now its been 1 more year this happened so it makes 2 years total lose i learnt some things on the way but couldnt fix my problem can anyone help with their knowledge
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