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    Beginner Need guidance with supplements


    so I am new to Workouts. I've been working on strength for 7 months now with friends (also some beginners and some have more experience). we had a really good start.
    now I wonder why I didn't start sooner. fell in love with it since.
    my question would be about Gainers and Protein as well as pre-workouts etc. no experience prior. how do you choose which one is good for you?
    I am not asking for advice on what to use (gained a lot of information there).
    I am thinking about making an order for me (and friends), but I have no idea how to choose. should I have samples? should I read recommendations about tons of products? what is the best way?
    I live in Georgia (country) and don't trust what people are selling here or just don't like the prices they put on some of the better products (monopoly). I want to use what suits me, but I am yet to find what.
    any advice? how did you find what was best for you?
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    You should take a mental note or keep some sort of log in your phone while you are working out. Think about what you think could help you make you perform better in the sense of do you feel if you had more focus or do you feel that after your workouts do you feel that you are recovering from the previous workout enough before you work those muscles again? After you kind of have an idea of what you'd potentially want you could possibly make your own blend of supplements. Typically if you look around you can find the basic ingredients around in retail stores. Good luck!
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