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    Possible RC Strain or Tear - Thoughts and Next Steps?

    For a week or so, I've had some dull pain in my left shoulder, in what feels like the anterior or medial deltoid.

    The pain is not sharp, even with lifting exercises. Setting aside the recklessness of doing a shoulder workout, I did one last night. I deliberately shortened it to make room for more cardio. I am 36 and am reasonably fit (at 190 lbs./5'11", my 1RM on the bench is about 230--a comfortable number for me). On the overhead barbell press, I can typically manage 4 sets of 8 at 115 lbs. This exercise makes me nervous at higher weights.

    Anyway, during yesterday's workout I only managed 4 x 5 at that weight, and barely eeked out lateral raises. On Arnold Press, there was a noticeable asymmetry at full extension, with me left arm being slightly weaker.

    I'm sure I have form issues with each of these exercises, and am only now beginning to appreciate the extra importance of form with shoulder workouts.

    As I sit here today, I have full ROM with my left arm. I can extend laterally and fully overhead without any acute pain. Some minor discomfort though. On a lateral extension, if I flex my forearm forward at a 90 degree angle, I do feel a bit more discomfort the higher I try to raise the arm.

    Although I had felt some discomfort prior to my chest workout a few days ago, I felt no pain or discomfort while actually doing the bench press.

    I will take some time off for now and if the pain persists will seek medical follow-up. However, my question is whether there are lifting exercises I can attempt that don't heavily stress the RC. Tricep push downs? Decline bench? Lifting is so mentally therapeutic for me, I want to avoid too long a break.
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