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    Starting Weight Loss Journey.

    Just putting this up here, so I have something I can look forward to, and I will update my body every month, 22m Asian 5'8 about 340-350lbs (last time I weighed myself in hospital) its been a month of my journey, idk. im prolly below 330 now, here in my country its hard to find weight scale that goes up to my weight. tired of being sad and not doing anything about it, never had a job, never had a car, never had anything, dropped out of middleschool due to massive injury I had that left me almost bedridden for years when I was 15. My doctor told me if i dont lose my weight, I will suffer from chronic disease, such as diabetes and kidney failure.

    Any words of encouragement will help or tips.

    I'm broke, I earned money doing song covers, and making simple music and giving it to my family and friends. but its been few months since my source of money is exhausted, I'm left with $550 in my wallet right now, and I'm planning to use these $550 for my weight loss journey, my parents still pay the bills. so you know, I dont really have the money to have perfect diet of High protein and stuff , you know the 0.8g protein per body pound. I just make do with everything I currently have.

    Currently I'm doing an OMAD diet.

    My activity
    8am: Alternate between jogging and power walk for an hour
    6pm: After I have my meal, I do bicep curls and presses. (Because in the morning on empty stomach, I cant do as much reps unless I fill myself with carbs).

    I will post my meal every single day

    EDIT: Im not able to post images.
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