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    Biggest male butt ever? Cut out leg day?

    Throwaway account for obvious reasons.

    I've been training consistently for years and pretty happy with the results, bar one area. Even before lifting, my lower body was noticeably bigger than the upper. Guess it's just where I store the majority of my weight. While I'm happy to have decent leg development, my butt has completely blown up to the point of being comical. It sticks out far past my upper back and is literally impossible to disguise.

    Don't believe me? See the attached pic. The jeans I'm wearing have the highest elastin count I could find, and even then they had to be tailored and I have to wear a belt cause they're so baggy at the waist. It looks like I'm purposely sticking my butt out but trust me I'm not. The full side view was shocking. I think I could literally rest a drink on there.

    I want to bulk up my arms, you can see in the pic they're pretty small. This is proving very hard to do when everything I consume seems to go to one place. Just looking at my upper body, you wouldn't guess I'm around 200lbs. I love leg day, I really do. But with an ass that seemingly never stops growing, I'm thinking of cutting it out altogether. How do I bulk up my upper body so my butt is less ridiculous?
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