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    Angry Severe forehead headaches mid set

    Sudden severe forehead headache

    Hello, I am 17.5 year old, 71 kg (De-Trained). Lately I been hitting the gym everyday 6 days a week doing the PPL split (hypotrophy/ strength). Exactly a week ago on Legsday I felt a very painful pulsating headache mid set/ after leg press machine and after this incident after any strength set or a vigorous set till failure or HIIT cardio. I been to the doctors’ and they said that my blood pressure wasn’t high. What can it be?
    Stress? Exertional headache? Nicotine withdrawal side effects from 3 months (no way)?? For the last 12 weeks I been eating healthy, sleeping 7.5hr+, hitting the right macros. And now on top of that I gained 2.5kg of pure fat. Something isn’t right lately. Please tell me how do I treat those headaches
    If you respond thank you so much
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