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Thread: Seeking advice

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    Seeking advice

    Ive always had difficulty losing weight. 28yo male, 5'9" and ~170lbs. Was diagnosed with hypothyroidism back in highschool at ~290lbs. Significant weight loss, I know, but still not good enough for me. I'm still flabby and have a soft midriff and have been trying to get rid of it for years with no luck. Looking back on it I believe my diet has been the primary issue and I have since changed what I am eating. However, I have found that my "maintenance caloric intake" is still pretty low at around 1000-1300 cals. The only way I've found I can lose weight is if I cut my intake down to 500 daily, regardless of my activity level which is pretty high. I always seem to bounce back to my 170lb weight though and just cant get rid of the spare tire. Looking for some advice, tips, tricks, and any other information I can get
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