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    How to pair running with lifting for a cut/should I even cut?

    Hey guys, 180lbs 5’10 32 years old here. Been half-heartedly bulking for years and recently found out I have an (estimated via measuring waist) 16.8% body fat, not cool! So now I’m trying to cut. Using My Fitness Pal I’m tracking calories etc. The diet almost feels too easy. I don't experience much hunger, I just don’t get to snack how I used to.

    This is day number 5 and I’m still trying to feel out how exercise will fit in here. Was thinking run three or four times a week and lift two or three times a week with the novice Fierce 5 program. Building muscle during this cup would be awesome, but probably not realistic. I would like to keep my strength up though. Just before going on this bulk I deadlifted 430lbs which I was super proud of and I hope to stay close to that during this cut.

    I've read that if you have over 15% body fat you should cut before trying to bulk. I know the test I mentioned above can be a little faulty so I uploaded two pics of myself from today. Should I even try to cut or should I keep bulking?
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