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    Thumbs up Hybrid programme opinions

    Hello, just wanted some opinions on an idea I have had for a bit of a hybrid programme. Background - did normal bodybuilding stuff for a couple of years before starting CrossFit a year ago and have done that exclusively with some calisthenics at home since.

    Basically with my job shifts it makes it hard to get to CrossFit more than two or three times a week. I have access to a decent gym at work, and at home I have a pull-up bar, rings, parallettes.

    I enjoy CrossFit, but also miss the isolation pump from bodybuilding style workouts, and really want to get to grips with calisthenics and learn the movements as they are so impressive, I have always been attracted to that style of training.

    So my idea is to workout 5 times per week as follows:

    - 2x calisthenics sessions at home (probably using 'body by rings' from fitness FAQs so one pull session and one push session

    - 2x bodybuilding style full body gym sessions

    - 1x CrossFit session

    I feel like I'll get the best of all worlds and will only have to pay for one CrossFit drop in session (£10) a week instead of £60 a month which I am not always getting the full benefit of.

    I seem to value the goals of each training methodology equally (strength from calisthenics, aesthetics from bodybuilding, all-round fitness from CrossFit) so feel this would give me a good, all-round, varied training schedule.

    Any thoughts??
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