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    Advice on going forward and feedback and proportions

    Hello, first I'd like to introduce myself: My name is Sergio and I'm from Italy, I'm 20 years old and I've been hitting the gym for the last 2 and a half months.

    So first a bit of background: I was a sedentary teenager from 13 to about last year in June when I started messing around in the gym. As a teenager I would sit on my ass all day playing videogames whilst struggling with an eating disorder which kept me at a BMI between 16.5 to 17.5 (I was quite underweight), eventually I pulled through that but then fell into a drinking habit exacerbated by bad friends and just a terrible image of myself. Let's just say I didn't grow up in the nicest of households.

    This summer I decided to start pulling myself together, let go of alcohol and man up.

    I signed up in a gym owned and managed by an ex bodybuilder and bench press national champion, he gave me a lifting program and told me to hit the weights. From my understanding it is what you would call a PPL split. He told me to start hitting the gym only 3 days per week to start and once I got the hang of it move up to 6 to complete the split properly. (I've been hitting 6 days only since the last week).
    Mind you, I could barely bench the bar when I started, pullups were a big no no (I started with assisted pullups at 35kg 78lbs). I can now bench 135 for reps and rep assisted pullups with "only" 15kg/30lbs assistance).

    But there is something that still bugs me, it messes with my confidence and everytime I look in the mirror after a shower I just can't *not* see it: the taper from my waist to my hips. There will be days when my productivity is completely hindered because I waste my time obsessing over this "defect"

    My waist measures 83.5cm, about 33 inches, and my hips are 102cm, about 40.5 inches, which puts my WHR at about 0.82, not very manly. From my observations there is a lot of fat deposited on the upper glutes and some on the inner thighs, I can "grab" the fat from these regions, so to speak. There is a certain asymmetry between my upper and lower body, I have always had (and still have, but they are improving) very skinny arms and stockier legs/ass, even in my ED days. For comparison my chest now measures about 103cm, same as my "hips".

    My question is, do I have a problem? Perhaps not eating in my puberty days messed with my T levels which caused the formation of these deposits and weird proportions. Now you might ask yourself why don't you ask your trainer, well I don't want to sound like a ***** to his face. Why not visit a doctor? That comes with it's own set of problems; I still live with my parents, going to the doctor requires filling out an insurance form, said insurance is on my parent's name and my mum is a proper Karen: she gives me a lot of **** because I take supplements, thinks creatine is drugs and basically I'm some sort of junkie, I hide all my stuff in a stash, sometimes **** goes down in this house. I barely talk to them anyway, I'm alone on this.
    I do have a small job to pay for my expenses. If after you see the pics you reckon a trip to a specialist is worth the money then I'll just save up money and get checked.

    A part of me tells me it's just ghosts from the past messing with my mind, on the other hand, there is some physical evidence to back up my doubts.

    For your consultation, here are my stats:
    Height 178cm 5'10 (roughly)
    Weight 75kg 165lbs
    Biceps (unflexed) 35cm 13.7 inches
    Chest (unflexed, exhaled) 103cm 40.56 inches
    Waist 83.5cm 33 inches measured in the morning before meals
    Hips 102cm 40.5 inches

    Pics provided in attachment

    I can provide any other info you might need for an assessment.
    What is the correct way to move forward? Cut down in an attempt to lose said fat, or keep eating over maintenance? Unfortunately I don't have any recent "before" gym pics for comparison, but ratios were pretty much the same. I have put a lot of weight in my legs and ass though, because jeans/pants etc. that use to require belts now get tight at the ass/thigs. Perhaps I am overdoing it with the calories? I calculated TDEE at about 2800 cals, and I'm eating 3100 cals daily divided in a 50/30/20 split. Protein and Carbs I can hit daily, with Fats sometimes lagging behind.

    Thanks in advance for replying
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