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    Bicep Tenodesis & SLAP Repair Post Surgical Noises

    Hello all,

    Forgive me if this is a redundant post. I've searched the forum tirelessly to no avail for my question.

    Background: Had SLAP repair July 2021. After 17 sessions of PT, my ROM got worse. This surgeon only had me in a sling for one week (and also was wanting to do my left shoulder 1 month after doing my right shoulder... there's no way in hell that could have happened). Anyway, because of worsening condition, MRI was done and showed a re-tear of labrum that went into my bicep tendon. First surgeon just wanted to give me a cortisone shot so I went to another surgeon.

    I have no idea how I re-tore it as I did everything right.

    Had 2nd surgery done 3 days prior to this post. Tenodesis and SLAP repair. I'm in a shoulder immobilizer for 6 weeks. Haven't taken it off since surgery yet. Been doing everything right again.

    I was adjusting the pillow on my sling by pushing the pillow up on my side.. that in-turn, slightly, pushed my shoulder upward slowly, no jerking, hardly any movement really, and I heard a small click in my shoulder. I haven't had any pain come from this but it has me scared due to the fact it's my second go-around. Are small clicks/noises common post op? I figure if I did do something I'd feel something more than I am... but I can't tell you how I re-tore from the first surgery so I'm racking my brain.

    Any feedback is welcome, for piece of mind!
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