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Thread: F*** that belly

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    F*** that belly

    Hello guys !

    As this forum and site is big source of info and inspiration I will use it as well to log my nutrition, suplements, exercices and progress.

    Quick note, 31 male here, ex-football player but an IT Software Engineer now, 274lbs ( 124kg ) at just 5'8''. I still got some a good amount of muscles on chest, legs and hands. Biggest problem is that the majority of that fat is on belly so i will do my best to cut it down as fast as possible.

    Even if maybe the body type doesen't matter being on the endomorph side my nutrition will be lower in carbs than a normal cutting.

    2200 calories = 35% protein , 35% fat, 30 carbs ( but always I am aiming for 200g proteins )

    I've just started for 4 days so everything will be logged here.


    Proteine 100% Whey Gold Standard - Optimum Nutrition ( 2 scoops after training and 1 more when needed to reach the protein level )
    Arginine AKG - 2 scoops before training ( 10g )
    Glutamine - 2 scoops after training ( 10g )
    Amino X - 2 scoops while training ( 29g )


    As this pandemic situation f... us all I am training at home for now.

    I always start the training with 20 min on bicycle and at least 120 push-up reps.

    For now I was training 1 day on upper body with resistance bands and compound reps and 1 day with training the lower body. Do you think this is too much and I should use some "free" days ?

    Thanks for reading and I would appreciate any tips !
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